Art Studio Honors Requirements


Studio Art majors who wish to be candidates for honors are required to take an extra Studio course, of their choosing, for a total of ten courses. One of those courses must be the Senior Seminar (ARTS 418). Students are required to take the faculty led Honors Independent Study course during Winter Study of their senior year.

Feedback on the progress of the honors project will be provided by the Studio Art faculty at the beginning of the spring semester. At the end of the spring semester of senior year, honors candidates will orally defend their work. The entire Studio Art faculty will attend each defense. Based on the work and the oral defense, the Studio Art faculty, as a whole, will designate honors, high honors, or no honors.

Please fill out the following document with the appropriate signatures:

Art Studio Honors Faculty Advisor Approval & Winter Work Proposal Form

Please submit the above form and send a copy to the faculty member teaching ARTS 418 for approval. They will then send it to Beverly Sylvester ([email protected]) by the last day of Fall Semester classes.