Art History & Studio Honors Requirements


Art History & Studio majors may pursue either the Studio Art or Art History route to honors, or, alternatively, pursue honors through an Independent Study project. At the end of fall term senior year, a candidate for honors in History & Studio makes a proposal to two faculty members, one faculty advisor from each wing of the department. If both advisors agree to supervise the project, the candidate with an Art History research paper applies to participate in ARTH 494, the Senior Honors Seminar (also known as the “Thesis Seminar”). If accepted, the student researches and writes the thesis during Winter Study and Spring semester of the senior year. History and Studio students whose honors projects have a Studio emphasis have the opportunity to take the Senior Tutorial (ARTS 418), with permission of the instructor, and to participate in the Senior Studio exhibition. Alternatively, a student may propose an Independent Study honors project to be pursued during Winter Study and the Spring semester under the guidance of the two advisors.  The review process for the honors candidates in the senior seminars (ARTS 418 or ARTH 494) will proceed according to the regular honors process for the respective wing of the Art Department, and will include the  History and Studio advisor. If the honors project is conducted via an Independent Study, the final project will be submitted to the History and Studio advisor who will determine whether or not it will receive honors.

The History and Studio advisor must sign off each semester before a student may register for classes.  Please fill out the following document with the appropriate signatures:

Art History & Studio Faculty Advisors Approval and Independent Study Honors Thesis Project Proposal Form

Both must be approved by the History and Studio advisor before the student may register for the major.

Please submit the above form and send a copy to the faculty member teaching ARTS 418 for approval. They will then send it to Beverly Sylvester ([email protected]) by the last day of Fall Semester classes. If choosing to do an independent study project as the Thesis, please submit a 1 page Project Proposal for your topic that clearly identifies your thesis and provides a rationale for the independent study route. You may also provide a supplemental bibliography. Please outline your studio/research and work plan for January and share with your advisors.