History & Studio Requirements

DrawingThis route allows students to study in depth both the history of art and the making of it. It offers considerable flexibility: students may propose courses of study that emphasize particular media, themes or methodological issues. To mention just three examples, students may design sequences of courses that focus on architecture, gender or narration in both the history of art and contemporary practice. Students may take more courses in one wing of the department than the other, as long as the minimum requirements in each wing are satisfied. The History and Practice route is especially well-suited to students interested in arts-related careers outside of higher education, including work in art galleries, art museums, and primary or secondary school education.

Unlike the history or studio routes, acceptance into the History and Practice route is not automatic. The student must first submit a written application in two copies, one for each advisor from the two wings of the department, as well as a list of proposed courses; this application and list of proposed courses must be given to the department secretary before registering for the major.

The application must provide a narrative statement of the theme of the major, and why it cannot be accommodated in either history or studio. It is not enough to submit a list of courses; the student needs to show the coherence and integrity of the plan of study, and how it develops the theme of the proposed major.

Some students will be attracted to both wings of the department but will not have a field of study that falls between the two. In these cases, it is better for the student to choose between history and studio—taking additional courses from the other wing as desired. In short, the History and Practice route is reserved for students with a strong record of achievement who cannot be accommodated in the two wings of the department.

History and Practice majors do not participate in the senior studio exhibition at the end of the year.

History and Practice Faculty Advisors: Michael Glier, and Ben Benedict in studio; Peter Low and Michael Lewis in history.

For more information on requirements, refer to the Course Catalog.