Student Work

Art History Colloquium

art_dept_colloquium_2014Thesis students present their work at an annual colloquium in the Rose Gallery at the Williams College Museum of Art. Here are the thesis titles from 2014.  Presentations will begin at 10am on Tuesday, May 20, 2014.

  • Louisa Lee:  Performing the Artist: The Role of Gender in Understanding Pollock and Warhol. 10:00
  • Annie Lynch: Imitations:  Medium and Stereotype in the Work of Betye Saar and Kara Walker. 10:30
  • Galen Corey:  The Uneasy Eroticism of Renoir’s Boy with Cat.  11:30
  • Sarah Gottesman:  Jerome Bel’s Disabled Theater: The Stage Presence of Down Syndrome.  12:00
  • Shell Xiaoxiao Tu: Paul Klee’s Drawings:  Line, Temporality, and Space.  2:00
  • Henry Schmidt:  Louis I. Kahn’s New York Memorials.  2:30
  • Melanie Idler:  Nature and Artifice: Bethesda Terrace in Central Park.  3:00


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WCMA Senior Art Show

Each spring, the graduating studio art majors exhibit their work at the Williams College Museum of Art. Below are images from the 2013 show titled, “11 Reasons to Become an Investment Banker.”