Zirka Filipczak

J. Kirk T. Varnedoe '67 Professor of Art

Lawrence Hall Rm 208


B.A. Barnard College (1964)
M.A. Harvard University (1965)
Ph.D. Harvard University (1973)

Areas of Expertise

Back in college, I was drawn to seventeenth-century Western European art, with its emphasis on physical and psychological presence because I sometimes felt abstracted from those aspects of myself. That sense of abstraction has long since passed, but this material remains the focus of most of my research and teaching.

My course offerings include both thematic, Europe-wide courses and geographically focused ones: The Meaning of Poses in Baroque Art; Miracles and Metamorphoses; Depictions of Men and Women; Dutch Art of the 1600s. Hals to Vermeer. An annual seminar examines images from 1400 to the present that refer to art itself by representing artists, art works, or art viewers.


Note: courses in gray are not offered this academic year.

ARTH 248(F)

Art about Art: 1500 to 2000

ARTH 342 T / WGSS 344(S)

Women Artists: 1550-1700