Ju-Yu Scarlett Jang

Photo of Ju-Yu Scarlett Jang

Professor of Art, Emerita


Scarlett Jang, Professor of Art History, received a B.A. from Cheng-chih University, Taipei, Taiwan and a M.A. and Ph.D. from University of California at Berkeley.  Courses Jang has taught at Williams include both under graduate and graduate courses: Arth 103 Asian Art Survey: From the Land of the Buddha to the World of the Geisha; Arth 270 Japanese Art and Culture; Arth 274 Chinese Calligraphy: Theory and Practice; Arth 273-274 Arts of China; Arth 371 Goddesses in Asian Art; Arth 374 Chinese Painting to 1368; Arth 317 Topics in Chinese Art; Arth 375 The Path to Nirvana: Buddhism and Buddhist Art in Asia; Arth 374 Chinese Landscape Painting: In Pursuit of Mists and Clouds; Arth 376 Zen and Zen Art in China and Japan; Arth 473 Political Symbolism in Chinese Painting; Arth 473 and Arth 573 Images and Anti-images: Zen Buddhism and Zen Art in China and Japan; and Arth 571 Words and Images.

Her research interest covers both high-level official and popular patronage of Chinese art.  She has recently finished a book manuscript “Art, Politics, and Palace Eunuchs in Ming China (1368-1644).”  Her current research projects include “The Popularization of Feminine Imagery in 17th – Century Chinese Popular Culture” and “Patronage of Illustrated Religious Sutras in Ming China, 1368-1644.”  Examples of her publications are: “The Eunuch Agency Silijian and the Imperial Publishing Enterprise in Ming China” (2008); “Representations of Exemplary Scholar-officials, Past and Present” (1999); “Form, Content, and Audience: A Common Theme in Painting and Woodblock-printed Books of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)” (1997); and “Realm of the Immortals: Paintings Decorating the Jade Hall of the Northern Sung (960-1127)” (1993).