Ed Epping

Photo of Ed Epping

Alexander Falck Class of 1899 Professor of Art, Emeritus

Areas of Expertise

My images examine the mechanics of memory. The dominion of personal (or constituent) memory, complemented with cultural memory, structure the content of my artists books, drawings, paintings, sculpture and architectural plans. These works, recognizing ancient and contemporary mnemonic processes, have borrowed from both classical and physiological constructs. With this project I have attempted to elaborate and join two operations: an articulation of various mnemonic systems; and an incorporation of a word type (heteronyms) that, like memory, depend upon specific contextual constructs for their meanings. In the former I have devised a multi-stationed structure that outlines a set of operations for remembering and forgetting.

In the latter I have produced an extensive dictionary of heteronyms (two or more words spelled the same, pronounced differently and mean differently; e.g., tear, palsy, unionized, secreted). My project investigates the relations of memory with heteronyms, and their alliance through surfaces, traces and the glance.

Scholarship/Creative Work